Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Updated Update

Alright, so I have my laptop back and have taken a vacation from Sims 3. I am currently working on a creating a professional portfolio for 3D modeling and animation. I am making and rigging human models from scratch for my portfolio and then I plan to sell them afterwards. I can't sell Sims 3 models, so I have contemplated on leaving for Second Life (which I have decided not to) or  becoming a published artist for DAZ3D Studio. Nothing is official so until that point comes, I'll be keeping my human models a first priority and then will do Sims 3 projects on the side. If you have a request for Sims 3 that you think I can fulfill, then I will probably accept it and it will have a higher priority. I have to change the seams on the scale dress and somehow get past the limit of bones that TSRW has, cutting it in half causes a serious seam during animation... which probably means I have to deal with GEOMs again. I'm starting to think Frank's outfit wouldn't give me as much trouble as the scale dress is giving me.