Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hatsune Miku Pack

As promised, I present my Hatsune Miku Pack. I'm somewhat of a n00b still but I think I did a pretty good job. I couldn't do this without the base models I found lying around in the internet. I have heavily modded them and gave them new UVs: the under skirt of Piron Miku v2 provided by Xoriu, hair/headset/tie parts from Animasa provided by Sucaloid321, and pieces of bangs from Piron. The base sleeves came from a source mentioned above (I forgot). The eyes come from a poster I saw, there isn't information of the original artist unfortunately. Everything else was made by scratch. All of these items are meant for adult female sims, though some are acceptable to be used with elder and teen sims. There are still kinks, I'll iron them out if requested.

The full outfit is actually a two piece, but due to glitches with the fat morph, I kept them together. There are four recolorable channels: one for the shirt, one for the skirt, one for the tie, and one for the trim. The clipons on the tie have been blacked out on purpose, they are not recolorable since I could only assign 4 channels. Hands will most likely clip into the ruffled skirt, just as all 'poofy' clothes do in-game.Complete morphs.

The headset has four channels. You can see the channels easier by looking at the picture rather than me attempting to explain the different plates. The headset will experience blurriness due to the way Sims 3 was designed. Yet another thing that bothers me...

The hair textures are based on those of Pooklet. The pigtails have been optimized. There are less vertices, so the hair has problems deforming. This means you'll notice the hair bending oddly in poses. I rigged the hair to the spinal column, so it will move with the spinal column. An easy fix is adding more loops, but that will create more polygons. Anyway, there are three styles. While creating the textures, I attempted to mimic the patterns of NewSea. I then didn't like it that much so I edited it more and ended up with a very weird shiny texture. The next design is a standard EA design from Anubis360. The third design is streaked so your sim can have multiple highlights running through. I didn't take complete screenshots because I am lazy. There is a strange distortion on the back of the head. Seems like something TSRW messed with my UV again. I hated GEOM since it always messed up my model's vertex count, but it turns out WSO messes with the UV's vertices.

As stated before, the eyes came from a poster I found. I do not have experience in making irises so I used a couple of EA textures. You won't notice it unless you try to black it out.

The thigh boots have four channels.One for the sole, one for the heel, one for the main boot area, and one for the top trim. They are texture based and thus shouldn't clip into other clothing items or morphs. There is a bit of blurriness.

The sleeves are the problem child of this set. They need more loops, but that would again create more polygons. The sleeves are very bad at deforming around the elbow areas. They will clip in poses. The only way to save it would be to start over... again. So I'll just leave it like this for now. The morphs are acceptable as long as there isn't 100% fat or 100% fit.  There are three channels: one for the main sleeve, one for the trim, and one for the clips. There is an overlay of the design from actual Miku models. Unfortunately, Sims 3 makes it blurry no matter how large the texture is or how sharp the detail is. Yep, Sims 3 is a pain...

I did not put CAS thumbnails. I'd like to stay away from CAS for a while. : D Download is here.

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  1. She looks cute >w< *downloading it*

  2. Awesome awesome awesome! Thanks! :)

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  4. Thank you!!
    question. I changed hair color. but, it is always black in the game.
    do you know how to fix it?

  5. bump for the black hair/hat problem (?)