Monday, June 24, 2013

Dress Preview

I have already begun my next project, a dress made out of scales. It's inspired by a cult movie that I enjoy. Once again for adult female sims, but it will be a part of a small pack for both genders. I grabbed the halter dress from TSRW, meshed on it with ZBrush, created the UVs in 3DS Max, created the morphs in 3DS Max with help from Morphix, created an alpha brush (scales!) for ZBrush, made the normal and diffuse maps in ZBrush, and am now working with the textures in Cinema 4D BodyPaint. I had to split the mesh in two, since workshop handles a limit of less than 60 bones, causing a visible seam. I'm not done rigging yet. Everything is 100% made from scratch. Well, obviously EA made the base halter dress, but I digress >.> ... Here's two shots of the dress colored and the normal map that I made... And of course Blogger forces me to use Chrome instead of Firefox to upload images... bleh... Hey I never showed what happens when you're a n00b in ZBrush's symmetry. I somehow made an even worse burrito baby while working on something completely different.

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