Thursday, April 11, 2013

Queen's Curly Hair

6/18: I finally found the character, it is Yumil Steel Princess from Queen's Blade, an adult book.

After a lot of tinkering and mostly both alpha and bump issues, I proudly present my first hair, Queen's Hair for teen, young adult, adult, and elder sims. There are three control versions which basically means three separate and compatible color styles. I used the control map provided by Anubis360 to create the EA control map. All other textures are from Pooklet. My custom amateur textures will not make their debut today :) Everything is 1024 x 1024 quality. I had to relearn how to make textures so I didn't go too crazy with it. This tutorial by HystericalParoxysm helped a lot during my learnings. All clothing categories are on including outerwear. This hair made me think about anime and visual kei at the same time. It is possible to make a DANGERGANG look-a-like. As I continue with hair, I will lean more towards visual kei styled. I am allowing people to take this and re-texture it. I'm very new at this and would love to see how other people would texture this (Challenge accepted!). I worked very hard on this since the original mesh came from Purple Heart and instead of starting from scratch, which would have probably been easier, I heavily modded the hair to meet my standards. I am still a beginner, but I wasn't liking how the original mesh was made out of bare-minimum triangles.

Creation Process: Found a MMD file of Queen's Hair from tweekcrystal. Converted it to OBJ using Metasequoia. Used 3DS MAX 2013 (finally upgraded) to scale it down to around 1-10%. Fitted it onto the AF scalp and used quadify. Took out the original scalp and replaced it with an EA base game pigtails mesh (which was converted from GEOM to OBJ by Milkshape). Cut off the pigtails and welded the holes. Used the new peel and relax options in UV Unwrap to create the UV. Used the shiny new straighten option after making several topology modifications. Organized the UV using both 3DS Max and Cinema 4D. Used 3DS MAX's Mesh Smooth and further quadify. Used the ProOptimizer to dramatically reduce the obj from >8000 polygons to 3000. Connected the scalp and bangs for easier texturing via weld. Made an underside and did extra data tools stuff in Milkshape. Assigned bones in Milkshape. Created level of details in 3DS MAX which then went into Milkshape. Began making textures in Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Learned how to enable the alpha channel in Cinema 4D because Milkshape sucks at using alpha transparency. Finally fixed alpha channel to make the hair look more curly and less blocky; Cinema 4D was crucial while doing this. Assembled everything in DABOOBS and applied the thumbnail using CTU.

Onto the actual hair.  LOD 0&1 5840.

EA. This hair is colored the same as all the other EA hair. Nothing special, really. Modeled by sweet Darling.

Streaks. The highlights are actual highlights someone would get in RL. The tips channel includes the front bangs, giving what I believe is a greater highlight that draws attention. Modeled by Brenda, who I recently rehired.

Split Bangs. The roots control the highlights of one side while the highlights control the highlights on the other side. The bangs are then reversed. This was made with DANGER GANG in mind. Modeled by Jodie, who is my favorite.

All clothes are EA (mostly Superantural), all makeup was done me and the hair is obviously done by me as well. :) Enjoy here. I used poses by Eternila, traelia, and Rayne.

The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

1. Please do not upload my creations to pay sites such as TSR or the exchange
2. Give proper credit when using my creations
3. Do not upload my creations together with a sim or lot, please link to the download page instead
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Since you're here, I have two screenshots to show you. One comparing this version with Purple Heart's version, and one with an update on what I'm currently working on. This next project will consist of an outfit, shoes, hair, and accessories. IDK ETA.


  1. This is too awesome to be your first hair! (i seen worst) I love it!