Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What have I been doing lately? Well, since you asked, I am now finalizing an anime hair for Sims 3. It's been nearly a week working with this 'thing' and it has been frustrating. I decided to make my own hair texture which became pretty disastrous. Nevertheless, the final hair will have a mix of my texture and Pooklet's. Apart from fixing transparency issues on the alpha, this hair is pretty much done for elder/adult/teenage female sims. I will convert it to child and toddler once my main one is done. This hair is titled Queen's Hair and was originally from Purple Heart. It's easy to convert meshes, but actual textures? Bleh. I didn't like the original texture and it was too low-quality for my taste. Here's some preview shots of Queen's Hair A. Yes, there are more variations of it. Did I mention this is my first time doing hair?

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