Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rosario Moka Cross Choker

There is no way I'm finishing Queen's Hair soon, so I'm releasing this choker by itself :) The idea/request came from Jaggy.

This choker is modeled after Moka's choker in Rosario + Vampire. The choker is enabled for female teen, young adult, and adult sims. There are four channels: one for the collar, one for the pendant on the cross, one for the pearls, and one shared by the chains and cross. LOD 0/1 is 2019. You can find this under Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Career, and Outerwear. It is Vaild for Random. Moka's Cross Choker is complete with morphs as well as morphs for each LOD. All textures are on 2048 x 2048 print. There are about 97 pearls all together and the buckle is actually meshed out along with the chains etc.

Creating this was straight forward. I made all the parts in 3DS Max. The collar was made by a standard tube. I made a simple line spline to act as a path for the pearls (an outline, you could say), I then made a pearl and used the spacing tool (applied it to the path) which created the remaining 96 pearls. The cross was finger-drawn by me using splines which I then extruded. The chains were made by making a rectangle spline and then rendering it in the viewport. I've been using this tutorial to create chains. I then used the pro-optimizer to shorten the polygons from 4000+ to 2000+. The object was then put in Cinema4D and I created the UV Map there using simple box and frontal projections. I didn't like the pendant, so I created a rounder one in 3DS Max, merged it into Cinema4D, and UV mapped it. I used BodyPaint to create the textures which were further modified by using Photoshop hand-in-hand. Once all of that was done, I created the morphs in Cinema4D and the LODs in 3DS Max (pro-optimizer). Milkshape converted everything and CMar's Meshing Toolkit was used to assign bones as well as create morphs for the lower LODs. Everything was then finally packaged in CTU.

Expect some downtime, my Alienware M11X laptop can no longer handle sims 3 and all of its expansion packs so I have to uninstall everything and reinstall just the base game. My future projects on anime are hair, so it will take a long time to get the textures correct (mainly the alpha). I'm accepting ideas that are non-clothing related. I am also going to be playing Bioshock Infinite instead of sims 3...

CC Used:

Contacts: Dreamtime Romace Contacts by lazywnch
Hair: OceanBlue by Juice from NewSea
Poses: With style! by Eternila

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Mediafire isn't working so it's on 4shared

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