Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Māori Tattoos Download and Update

I was working on my tattoos for MTS's Cultural Diversity Contest last week. The tattoos are now posted at Modthesims :D They are tribal designs from the Māori (New Zealand Indians) and look pretty awesome! I'm going to keep them exclusively on MTS so I don't have to re-upload them again.

Besides that, I am planning an anime pack. I'm still just outlining what to include and then converting some ideas into actual content.->
Right now I have completed and packaged a curly hair piece from Purple Heart. I really liked it because it reminded me of Rozen Maiden. I know someone named Jaggy suggested to make this choker from Rosario Vampire; I have LOD 1 completed. I actually only worked on it for one night a while back. I can probably make this super fast tomorrow since I'm used to chokers on the neck now. The last time I had a pack, which was my makeup, I ended up releasing it months after my first creation because I wanted it to be "complete." This time around, I'm going to try releasing them two by two. This continuous "pack" will include both my custom creations and creations from other platforms. I was thinking of adding a new page here where people can request or suggest ideas for new projects. I don't mind doing requests, the only down side is that I'm a beginner. I'm open to suggestions for this anime pack and once all of that is done, I'll revisit my idea to put up a request page. :)

PL2 Purple Heart
Rosario Vampire Choker

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