Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I haven't posted anything since modthesims closed their uploading queue, but I am still creating new items. I was hoping the new contest would motivate me to share more. I have a tendency to finish my creations and move on to the next. Sims 3 takes a lot of time to boot up with all of the EPs, including Seasons, installed. When I do get into CAS, it can get pretty laggy. It really is a pain to take multiple pictures of everything; however, I do plan on uploading everything eventually. I will always publish creations first on my blog from now on. Since December, my progress is as follows:

I have finished a spiked collar, a skull ring, a couple of arm warmers, several makeup items, rhinestones, Reita's noseband, and a few eye contacts.  Besides the makeup and contacts, everything else is a new custom mesh I have created with complete morphs. I did have help with the skulls, and I will give credit once uploaded to Matt Ostrom. I have also made new designs and modified Aikea_Guinea's nail mesh for AF and AM. The designs include 2 skulls, 3 shattered nails, leopard, zebra, a cross, 2 butterflies, 2 checkers, polka dots, a spider web, and tips. I have made a few patterns to compliment my creations as well. I plan on creating punk gauntlets to accompany my arm warmers.

I scrapped the project of Reita's vest, I have invested too much time into something I am not yet experienced with. I may not be able to do hair re-textures since I really like NewSea's and Butterfly Sims' hair(s) but I do not want to risk upsetting them. I know they have had trouble with people stealing their creations so I will have to look elsewhere. If I complete them, the hair will have a VK/J-Rock color channel since I am only modifying the mask part. Hopefully, I can get everything more organized when I have the time. Modeling is becoming more easier for me with each creation, as well as very addicting. For now, here's a quick example of the hair mask I wish to create.

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