Friday, February 22, 2013

Mega Makeup Pack

It's finally complete (!) with screenshots and thumbnails that should appear mysteriously. I was thinking of entering them in a contest, but since modthesims is down and I'm making more accessories - I have decided to upload all of my makeup at the same time. There is a lot to go through and instead of individually posting them, I have combined them into collages. Each item has its own .package separated into Male and Female folders. Many sets are in here, including my Hitsugi and Visual Kei (VK) makeup that I have replicated from model images. By experimenting with different colors, you can create realistic, goth, j-rock, high fashion, and even drag queen-ish makeup. While many creators hand-paint their creations and textures, I have finger-painted mine as well as did some channel enhancements on existing photos. I'm going to begin the uploading process of my accessories later on next week.

These items are for (young) adult female and (young) adult male sims. Set includes: 10 Eyeliners, 9 Eyeshadows, 11 Lipsticks and 1 contact lenses.
*Cat Eyes AF+AM
*Ekitsu Eyeliner AF+AM
*Glitter Eyes and Glitter Lips AF
*Hitsugi Mask, Hitsui Flower Mask, and Hitsugi Razor Lips AM
*LipLiner AF+AM
*MC Mask AF+AM
*Ruki Eyeliner AF+AM
*Ruki Lips AF+AM
*Vintage Lips AF+AM
*Vintage Lips No Shine AF+AM
*VK Dotted Eyeliner AF+AM
*VK Pink Eyeliner and VK Pink Lips AF
*VK Shadow V1 AF+AM
*VK Shadow V2 AF+AM
*Hitsugi Contacts

Download link: Here

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I haven't posted anything since modthesims closed their uploading queue, but I am still creating new items. I was hoping the new contest would motivate me to share more. I have a tendency to finish my creations and move on to the next. Sims 3 takes a lot of time to boot up with all of the EPs, including Seasons, installed. When I do get into CAS, it can get pretty laggy. It really is a pain to take multiple pictures of everything; however, I do plan on uploading everything eventually. I will always publish creations first on my blog from now on. Since December, my progress is as follows: