Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spiked Collars Preview

I'm not sure if I can finish all my VK stuff in time for the competition plus I am still new at this .... So, I'm just creating stuff just to create stuff now :)  The final version of Reita's vest jacket thing had over 100k polygons and I could only lower it down to 16k while still preserving the <800 chain links I actually meshes out. I can finally see why people choose to photoskin over actually meshing since making specific details can cost too much polygons.

On the other hand, I have started on spiked collars. I could only find one good spiked collar for sims 3, but a+s=error has dead links. Each collar I made has everything meshed out and is less than 2000 polygons each. I really should get my makeup on here already. Once I finish a project, I have made it a habit to quickly move onto the next project without actually uploading the finished product >.>

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reita's Bandera

Alas, it is finished - for the most part. I'd like to release Bandera with the actual texture but I can't seem to find a good source pic. It has a default pattern on right now. That's the only thing missing, Bandera is otherwise complete with lods/morphs and is assigned to b_hat_grip which means you need aWT's hat slider to make specific adjustments. As I said before, that jowls slider causes clipping, but with the slider above you can tweak it under the head shape settings. Maybe we can get some Reita sims now? Bandera isn't an accurate representation since the real Bandera is tied together with two very long strips of cloth. I figured the long strips would be a problem with clothing so I decided not to include it. The official release will be sometime soon. Besides Bandera, I have been working on an outfit Reita wore on a PV. I only have the collar done (infant stage) and I will still need to adjust the vest part and give it meshed chains, pockets and buttons. The GazettE made visual kei internationally known. They are basically one of the founding fathers, which is why I hope to feature them if I can get all of my projects done for MTS's new competition. I am certainly better at makeup, but I have to expand my horizons. Hopefully I can get better since VK isn't just about makeup, it's a whole look. Haha, I just noticed I don't have a background or avatar image yet.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stacked Forever Rings

As requested by crysta11ove at modthesims, I have finally made the four forever rings stackable! Each one can be stacked with the other in pairs of 2 which results in 6 new rings. I was getting a bit lazy with this since I wanted to start on the new contest :P The rings are on HD 2048x2048 textures so I wouldn't lose detail while combining them. The rings that are combined with the couple's birthstone heart ring have four channels (one for both ring bands, two for each heart, and one for the diamonds) while the rings without the hearts have three channels (two for each ring band and one for the diamonds). I didn't go too crazy with the preset designs since the combinations would be a possibility of 12 each (nightmare in CAS). Cycles include white, yellow, and rose gold as well as original engravings.

Stacked Rings with Couple Birthstone Heart Ring: Stacked Forever Rings 01 by cyclo_tripz
*Stacked Couple and Anniversary Rings; LOD 1284, 874, 318
*Stacked Couple and Engagement Rings; LOD 1025, 530, 238
*Stacked Couple Ring and Eternity Band; LOD 1586, 796, 241

Stacked Rings without above: Stacked Forever Rings 02 by cyclo_tripz
*Stacked Engagement and Anniversary Rings; LOD 980, 490, 296
*Stacked Engagement Ring and Eternity Band; LOD 1282, 642,213
*Stacked Eternity Band and Anniversary Ring; LOD 1510, 751, 301

I've never had thumbnails work in my game, so hopefully the thumbnails have been showing up >.>

For the Cultural Diversity contest, I have decided to submit my mega-pack of visual kei stuff. After all, VK is a sub-culture; you have makeup, outfits, hairstyles, personalities, head-banging, and music of course. The only problem is that my mega pack isn't done... Just the makeup stuff is close to being done. I haven't decided what to do with the canthus problem yet, especially since it should be red by default but is a darkish brown instead. That might be a bit too real for sims 3 ... The makeup as-is is completed by ignoring the canthus. I don't know how to do clothing or hair, but I am a quick learner so hopefully I will have a lot of stuff to accompany my makeup. I definitely have to finish Bandera now. After looking through thousands of webpages, I have decided to focus on males. There is a lot of stuff for lolita female content which can be passed off as VK in the right colors. I don't see a lot of female VK bands so while the makeup will have versions for both genders, I'm going to have to focus on males for the rest.