Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm Still Here

Hey, I haven't updated in a while because I have temporarily stopped modding for sims 3. My laptop's processor can't keep up with Sims 3, it takes more than half an hour to load Sims 3 up (with all expansions). Until I get a better laptop, I can't spend a lot of time on making free content. Sims 3 content should be free, so I've begun making my own models which I will then sell. I need income so I'm applying what I have learned (from Digital Tutors) and turning into a small business. My models are 100% made by me, from each polygon to each pixel in the textures. They are going to be optimized to run in real-time game engines (Unity, Unreal, etc.). I will post when everything is up and running. I haven't abandoned Sims 3, I just need stability and a better processor before I can continue. The loading times are the only thing that have become discouraging, I can easily create 'meshes' and textures using my own programs. My workflow rotates between Zbrush, 3DS Max, BodyPaint, TopoGun, and Photoshop. I am working on implementing Mudbox and possibly Maya in the future. A preview of my model can be seen below. This model is not finished yet, but already has two full outfits from head to toe, three hair colors, and two weapons.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Updated Update

Alright, so I have my laptop back and have taken a vacation from Sims 3. I am currently working on a creating a professional portfolio for 3D modeling and animation. I am making and rigging human models from scratch for my portfolio and then I plan to sell them afterwards. I can't sell Sims 3 models, so I have contemplated on leaving for Second Life (which I have decided not to) or  becoming a published artist for DAZ3D Studio. Nothing is official so until that point comes, I'll be keeping my human models a first priority and then will do Sims 3 projects on the side. If you have a request for Sims 3 that you think I can fulfill, then I will probably accept it and it will have a higher priority. I have to change the seams on the scale dress and somehow get past the limit of bones that TSRW has, cutting it in half causes a serious seam during animation... which probably means I have to deal with GEOMs again. I'm starting to think Frank's outfit wouldn't give me as much trouble as the scale dress is giving me.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Laptop Repairs

So it's taking longer than expected to repair my m11x. I am using a substitute laptop for now but it isn't powerful enough for modeling or gaming. It can barely handle Zbrush and Photoshop T.T I'm currently going through tutorials from Digital Tutors and the Gnomon Workshop DVDs. I might even read up on scripting. Once my laptop comes back from Texas (I live in Hawaii), I can go back to sims 3 related stuff. I've already missed so many days from Final Fantasy XIV ARR T.T I'm pretty sure the NDA was lifted on that.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dress Preview

I have already begun my next project, a dress made out of scales. It's inspired by a cult movie that I enjoy. Once again for adult female sims, but it will be a part of a small pack for both genders. I grabbed the halter dress from TSRW, meshed on it with ZBrush, created the UVs in 3DS Max, created the morphs in 3DS Max with help from Morphix, created an alpha brush (scales!) for ZBrush, made the normal and diffuse maps in ZBrush, and am now working with the textures in Cinema 4D BodyPaint. I had to split the mesh in two, since workshop handles a limit of less than 60 bones, causing a visible seam. I'm not done rigging yet. Everything is 100% made from scratch. Well, obviously EA made the base halter dress, but I digress >.> ... Here's two shots of the dress colored and the normal map that I made... And of course Blogger forces me to use Chrome instead of Firefox to upload images... bleh... Hey I never showed what happens when you're a n00b in ZBrush's symmetry. I somehow made an even worse burrito baby while working on something completely different.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hatsune Miku Pack

As promised, I present my Hatsune Miku Pack. I'm somewhat of a n00b still but I think I did a pretty good job. I couldn't do this without the base models I found lying around in the internet. I have heavily modded them and gave them new UVs: the under skirt of Piron Miku v2 provided by Xoriu, hair/headset/tie parts from Animasa provided by Sucaloid321, and pieces of bangs from Piron. The base sleeves came from a source mentioned above (I forgot). The eyes come from a poster I saw, there isn't information of the original artist unfortunately. Everything else was made by scratch. All of these items are meant for adult female sims, though some are acceptable to be used with elder and teen sims. There are still kinks, I'll iron them out if requested.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hatsune Miku Update

Miku is finally finished (again)! I wasn't sure if I would ever finish Miku (revision 23) since I quit modding for Sims 3 three times since my last post. I have started my own side projects as a hobby, so hopefully I'll keep up with Sims 3. I couldn't have done this by myself, I used different base models and textures. This set includes a full outfit, boots, headset, contacts, sleeves, and hair. I'm not good on making actual sims, so I may end up using other actual sim models since mine look like cartoons and I want a realistic look. Anyway, you can expect the actual .rar tomorrow. I'm taking a much needed break right now. This was originally meant for ModtheSims' multi-cultural photo competition. I seriously delayed it once I saw that someone else had entered their own Miku sim. I haven't worked 24/7 on this, as I said I took many weeks off. Sims 3 is frustrating due to its UVs and 'rules.' I wish I could get Sims 3 to match my own renders >.> So yeah, here's some CAS preview shots. I used many programs to create this and I have deleted this whole project at least a dozen times, I'll add the whole process tomorrow. As a part of constantly changing things, I have already changed the bangs in these screenshots that I took earlier today.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


So I've been neglecting Sims 3 and this blog since I started closed beta testing a new MMO. It's very addicting and I used my same screen name *hint hint*. I'd really like to get back to creating content since I was on a rather great roll. So updates on my creations both announced and unannounced:

* Saber's Bun from Fate/Stay Night has a glitch on the left side that I haven't figured out how to fix yet
*Miku's hair and accessories are done, but the clothes and shoes need morphs
*2 out of 3 arm warmers need morphs, I abandoned them since I couldn't get my custom pattern to show up
*Reita's Bandera needs clean geometry for UVs, I'll have to redo the mesh (also had custom pattern issues)
*I don't know if I'll ever release my rhinestones, I personally use them but I don't know if it is 'ready' yet

Generally if people want a certain 'item' then I'll focus more attention on said project. If you don't mind the hole, I uploaded Saber's Bun to mediafire which is linked on one of my posts at MTS. If you have a request you think I could do, then I'll consider looking at it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Queen's Curly Hair

6/18: I finally found the character, it is Yumil Steel Princess from Queen's Blade, an adult book.

After a lot of tinkering and mostly both alpha and bump issues, I proudly present my first hair, Queen's Hair for teen, young adult, adult, and elder sims. There are three control versions which basically means three separate and compatible color styles. I used the control map provided by Anubis360 to create the EA control map. All other textures are from Pooklet. My custom amateur textures will not make their debut today :) Everything is 1024 x 1024 quality. I had to relearn how to make textures so I didn't go too crazy with it. This tutorial by HystericalParoxysm helped a lot during my learnings. All clothing categories are on including outerwear. This hair made me think about anime and visual kei at the same time. It is possible to make a DANGERGANG look-a-like. As I continue with hair, I will lean more towards visual kei styled. I am allowing people to take this and re-texture it. I'm very new at this and would love to see how other people would texture this (Challenge accepted!). I worked very hard on this since the original mesh came from Purple Heart and instead of starting from scratch, which would have probably been easier, I heavily modded the hair to meet my standards. I am still a beginner, but I wasn't liking how the original mesh was made out of bare-minimum triangles.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rosario Moka Cross Choker

There is no way I'm finishing Queen's Hair soon, so I'm releasing this choker by itself :) The idea/request came from Jaggy.

This choker is modeled after Moka's choker in Rosario + Vampire. The choker is enabled for female teen, young adult, and adult sims. There are four channels: one for the collar, one for the pendant on the cross, one for the pearls, and one shared by the chains and cross. LOD 0/1 is 2019. You can find this under Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Career, and Outerwear. It is Vaild for Random. Moka's Cross Choker is complete with morphs as well as morphs for each LOD. All textures are on 2048 x 2048 print. There are about 97 pearls all together and the buckle is actually meshed out along with the chains etc.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What have I been doing lately? Well, since you asked, I am now finalizing an anime hair for Sims 3. It's been nearly a week working with this 'thing' and it has been frustrating. I decided to make my own hair texture which became pretty disastrous. Nevertheless, the final hair will have a mix of my texture and Pooklet's. Apart from fixing transparency issues on the alpha, this hair is pretty much done for elder/adult/teenage female sims. I will convert it to child and toddler once my main one is done. This hair is titled Queen's Hair and was originally from Purple Heart. It's easy to convert meshes, but actual textures? Bleh. I didn't like the original texture and it was too low-quality for my taste. Here's some preview shots of Queen's Hair A. Yes, there are more variations of it. Did I mention this is my first time doing hair?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Māori Tattoos Download and Update

I was working on my tattoos for MTS's Cultural Diversity Contest last week. The tattoos are now posted at Modthesims :D They are tribal designs from the Māori (New Zealand Indians) and look pretty awesome! I'm going to keep them exclusively on MTS so I don't have to re-upload them again.

Besides that, I am planning an anime pack. I'm still just outlining what to include and then converting some ideas into actual content.->

Monday, March 11, 2013

TotodileDash Animal Hats

I saw these hats, and I absolutely loved how cute they were! I have actually just discovered this MikuMikuDance stuff and I just want to immediately convert everything there :D Anyways, TotodileDash from deviantart made bunny, kitty, puppy, and mouse hats in a PMB format which I converted to OBJ and then SIMGEOM. The UV Maps were made by me since the original was just a bunch of scribbles... It took a lot work to do the UV maps and even then they look weird in CAS (perfect in-game). I had to resize, scale, move, and optimize each hat. I assume poly counts below 1000 are reasonable. The textures and such are mine on 2048x2048 HQ print.

The hats might look blurry since they are actually accessories (under earrings) and can be adjusted using aWT's hat sliders. I displayed them in the following pictures using NewSea hair since their hair is the hardest to get a hat on. There's clipping without adjustment, and even then you're probably better off using something less "poofy." Flat hair or even EA hair seems to work good right off the back without adjustments (but most hair will work with aWT's hat sliders).

These hats are available for both genders under Child and Toddler ages. You can find them under Everyday, Formal, Sleep, Swim, Athletic, and Career wear. Each hat is Valid for Random. I can't imagine a toddler or child wearing anything serious, so the hats are available for each one. o.0

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spiked Chokers and Bracelets Set and Skull Ring Low Poly Ed

That's such a long title...Anyways, the spiked set is available at MTS in a low-poly edition. The number of polygons used have been significantly reduced by having some aesthetics removed. As a beginner, I get extremely excited to see my stuff on Mod The Sims :D I'm almost done with my next project; I'm going through an anime phase so please bear with me :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Male Forever Rings Request *UPDATE*

rainalddanjaen from MTS has requested that the Diamond Eternity Wedding Band and the Couple's Birthstone Heart Ring be converted for male sims. I of course have made them and they are now available for download. I was a complete beginner when I made the Four Forever Rings, and each click was something new to me. Now, I can make much better rings as far as the diamond texture goes. Thus, the diamonds are much clearer and less blurry in the male version of the Diamond Eternity Wedding Band. I fixed the UV Map so it would accept textures better. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spiked Set and Skull Ring

Finally, my Spiked Set is finished! This set includes spiked bracelets, spiked chokers, and a skull ring for a total of 15 items with complete morphs. All textures are 2048 x 2048 high quality. The entire creating process was long and excellent practice for my crafting skills. I don't usually credit each program I used on my blog, but I think it is time to include full credits in each post. I used 3DS Max to model each creation from scratch (except the skull which I edited in 3DS Max), Cinema 4D for creating textures and UV Maps, MilkShape for converting formats to/from SIMGEOM with Wes Howe's GEOM plugins, Photoshop for editing textures and photos, and Illustrator for fine tuning my logos. This was all made possible by CTU, Peter's S3PE Package Editor, CmarNYC's Meshing Toolkit and Cmar's MorphMaker. I also used Notepad++ for simple tuning in and out of S3PE. On to the screenshots and downloads! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Aikea_Guinea Nails Mod

This is truly an amazing (and complicated) creation from Aikea_Guinea, as seen on Garden of Shadows, and I am glad I was able to modify this with Aikea_Guinea's permission. :)  These nails are for AF, AM, EF, and EM, and can co-exist with the original nails. Everything else Aikea_Guinea had set is still there, ie clothing categories and set as gloves in CAS. All of the credit really goes to Aikea_Guinea, without the mesh I wouldn't be able to make the following textures. I really liked the UV mapping on this.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mega Makeup Pack

It's finally complete (!) with screenshots and thumbnails that should appear mysteriously. I was thinking of entering them in a contest, but since modthesims is down and I'm making more accessories - I have decided to upload all of my makeup at the same time. There is a lot to go through and instead of individually posting them, I have combined them into collages. Each item has its own .package separated into Male and Female folders. Many sets are in here, including my Hitsugi and Visual Kei (VK) makeup that I have replicated from model images. By experimenting with different colors, you can create realistic, goth, j-rock, high fashion, and even drag queen-ish makeup. While many creators hand-paint their creations and textures, I have finger-painted mine as well as did some channel enhancements on existing photos. I'm going to begin the uploading process of my accessories later on next week.

These items are for (young) adult female and (young) adult male sims. Set includes: 10 Eyeliners, 9 Eyeshadows, 11 Lipsticks and 1 contact lenses.
*Cat Eyes AF+AM
*Ekitsu Eyeliner AF+AM
*Glitter Eyes and Glitter Lips AF
*Hitsugi Mask, Hitsui Flower Mask, and Hitsugi Razor Lips AM
*LipLiner AF+AM
*MC Mask AF+AM
*Ruki Eyeliner AF+AM
*Ruki Lips AF+AM
*Vintage Lips AF+AM
*Vintage Lips No Shine AF+AM
*VK Dotted Eyeliner AF+AM
*VK Pink Eyeliner and VK Pink Lips AF
*VK Shadow V1 AF+AM
*VK Shadow V2 AF+AM
*Hitsugi Contacts

Download link: Here

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I haven't posted anything since modthesims closed their uploading queue, but I am still creating new items. I was hoping the new contest would motivate me to share more. I have a tendency to finish my creations and move on to the next. Sims 3 takes a lot of time to boot up with all of the EPs, including Seasons, installed. When I do get into CAS, it can get pretty laggy. It really is a pain to take multiple pictures of everything; however, I do plan on uploading everything eventually. I will always publish creations first on my blog from now on. Since December, my progress is as follows:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spiked Collars Preview

I'm not sure if I can finish all my VK stuff in time for the competition plus I am still new at this .... So, I'm just creating stuff just to create stuff now :)  The final version of Reita's vest jacket thing had over 100k polygons and I could only lower it down to 16k while still preserving the <800 chain links I actually meshes out. I can finally see why people choose to photoskin over actually meshing since making specific details can cost too much polygons.

On the other hand, I have started on spiked collars. I could only find one good spiked collar for sims 3, but a+s=error has dead links. Each collar I made has everything meshed out and is less than 2000 polygons each. I really should get my makeup on here already. Once I finish a project, I have made it a habit to quickly move onto the next project without actually uploading the finished product >.>

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reita's Bandera

Alas, it is finished - for the most part. I'd like to release Bandera with the actual texture but I can't seem to find a good source pic. It has a default pattern on right now. That's the only thing missing, Bandera is otherwise complete with lods/morphs and is assigned to b_hat_grip which means you need aWT's hat slider to make specific adjustments. As I said before, that jowls slider causes clipping, but with the slider above you can tweak it under the head shape settings. Maybe we can get some Reita sims now? Bandera isn't an accurate representation since the real Bandera is tied together with two very long strips of cloth. I figured the long strips would be a problem with clothing so I decided not to include it. The official release will be sometime soon. Besides Bandera, I have been working on an outfit Reita wore on a PV. I only have the collar done (infant stage) and I will still need to adjust the vest part and give it meshed chains, pockets and buttons. The GazettE made visual kei internationally known. They are basically one of the founding fathers, which is why I hope to feature them if I can get all of my projects done for MTS's new competition. I am certainly better at makeup, but I have to expand my horizons. Hopefully I can get better since VK isn't just about makeup, it's a whole look. Haha, I just noticed I don't have a background or avatar image yet.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stacked Forever Rings

As requested by crysta11ove at modthesims, I have finally made the four forever rings stackable! Each one can be stacked with the other in pairs of 2 which results in 6 new rings. I was getting a bit lazy with this since I wanted to start on the new contest :P The rings are on HD 2048x2048 textures so I wouldn't lose detail while combining them. The rings that are combined with the couple's birthstone heart ring have four channels (one for both ring bands, two for each heart, and one for the diamonds) while the rings without the hearts have three channels (two for each ring band and one for the diamonds). I didn't go too crazy with the preset designs since the combinations would be a possibility of 12 each (nightmare in CAS). Cycles include white, yellow, and rose gold as well as original engravings.

Stacked Rings with Couple Birthstone Heart Ring: Stacked Forever Rings 01 by cyclo_tripz
*Stacked Couple and Anniversary Rings; LOD 1284, 874, 318
*Stacked Couple and Engagement Rings; LOD 1025, 530, 238
*Stacked Couple Ring and Eternity Band; LOD 1586, 796, 241

Stacked Rings without above: Stacked Forever Rings 02 by cyclo_tripz
*Stacked Engagement and Anniversary Rings; LOD 980, 490, 296
*Stacked Engagement Ring and Eternity Band; LOD 1282, 642,213
*Stacked Eternity Band and Anniversary Ring; LOD 1510, 751, 301

I've never had thumbnails work in my game, so hopefully the thumbnails have been showing up >.>

For the Cultural Diversity contest, I have decided to submit my mega-pack of visual kei stuff. After all, VK is a sub-culture; you have makeup, outfits, hairstyles, personalities, head-banging, and music of course. The only problem is that my mega pack isn't done... Just the makeup stuff is close to being done. I haven't decided what to do with the canthus problem yet, especially since it should be red by default but is a darkish brown instead. That might be a bit too real for sims 3 ... The makeup as-is is completed by ignoring the canthus. I don't know how to do clothing or hair, but I am a quick learner so hopefully I will have a lot of stuff to accompany my makeup. I definitely have to finish Bandera now. After looking through thousands of webpages, I have decided to focus on males. There is a lot of stuff for lolita female content which can be passed off as VK in the right colors. I don't see a lot of female VK bands so while the makeup will have versions for both genders, I'm going to have to focus on males for the rest.