Saturday, December 29, 2012

Four Forever Rings @ Modthesims

The Four Forever Rings are now up at modthesims :) I have learned a lot about meshing and really enjoyed making them. So far, they seem to be a great success! I might make more rings; I kept thinking of making a skull ring during the project.

I really should finish up my vk makeup. I made sure there are two versions of most of them, one for guys and one for girls. The various eye shapes sometimes make it look funky. I have too many ideas and variations for each one :P I am tempted to keep making more Rose Shock ones, however my original focus was visual kei. There isn't a lot of content for this genre.

Once I'm done with that, then I can go back to Bandera and figure out what's wrong with the jowls slider. I know KT uploaded Beard-O at modthesims and commented that the jowls slider wasn't working for his creation either. Bandera has to cover the jaws and tuck into the back of the neck so there really isn't any way to avoid the jowls slider. I noticed there are some masks out there and in Seasons that simply float/hover around the jaw so there isn't clipping. IDK, I'm sure I'll figure it out. It's too bad I can only assign four joints to a vertex. Pesky jowls slider...

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